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Why should I become a Jaguar Athletic Fund (JAF) member?
Your annual donation to the JAF directly supports our over 375 student-athletes via scholarship, athletic facility enhancement, and programmatic needs support.

Who can join the JAF?
All Jaguar fans are encouraged to join the JAF and share their passion for South Alabama Athletics with other JAF members.

May companies join the JAF?
Yes. Any organization can make a contribution to JAF and become a member of the organization. We currently have many companies supporting JAF on an annual basis.

What is the minimum contribution to join the JAF?
A contribution of any amount qualifies you as a JAF member. Benefits of membership begin with gifts of $100. 

Is my contribution to the JAF tax deductible?
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 contained a provision that disallows a charitable contribution deduction for contributions to the Jaguar Athletic Fund made after December 31, 2017 if "the taxpayer receives (directly or indirectly) as a result of paying such amount the right to purchase tickets for seating at an athletic event" of the University. In your case, this change in the law would cover your receipt of the right to purchase premium football or basketball tickets. In an effort to clarify this change, the Jaguar Athletic Fund offers the following solution. Your right to purchase football priority seating opportunities will be assigned a cost as a tangible benefit, and deemed non-tax deductible, just like any other tangible benefit that you may receive as a result of your donation. That amount will be subtracted from your total South Circle contribution and be used to purchase the right to priority seating. This approach will still leave you with a large portion of your investment in South Circle as tax deductible. After the end of the calendar year, you will receive a letter from the Jaguar Athletic Fund acknowledging your donation. That letter will divide your total donation into two parts - the part that is tax deductible and the part that is not tax deductible. For any further questions, please consult your tax professional to determine the right course of action for you.

In addition, as part of your South Circle donation, you also receive priority points. There is uncertainty at this time as to whether the Internal Revenue Service will consider priority points as making the entire donation subject to the disallowance rule discussed above. In the event the IRS does take that view, you will have the option to release or refuse priority points you earned with your donation for this year in an effort to protect your charitable contribution deduction. We have been informed that the IRS should be providing an official interpretation in December of 2018.

Can I join the JAF if I don't want season tickets?
Yes, the JAF is South Alabama Athletics' main source of private support. Becoming a JAF member at any level helps USA Athletics build sustainable excellence through strengthening its athletic programs and helps to raise USA's stature towards that of an elite national university. A successful athletic program needs funding to provide the resources critical to the success of its student-athletes. Annual gifts to the JAF are what make all of this possible.

How is my gift to the JAF used?
100% of contributions to the JAF are directly invested towards the experience of the 375 student-athletes within Jaguar Athletics. Whether it's to enhance individual sport budgets, to assist in financial aid of a student-athlete or to construct facilities, your contribution will make an impact.

Can I make my JAF contribution in installments?
Yes, you can make monthly or quarterly payments toward your JAF pledge. Equal monthly payments can be charged to your credit card. Please contact a JAF representative to discuss payment plan options.

How does my membership level affect my ticket and parking locations?
Priority seating and parking locations are allocated based on your JAF membership level first and then your priority point ranking within your level.

Since my company offers a matching gift program, can I apply this to my JAF membership?
Yes, the JAF accepts matching gifts towards your membership. Please contact your company's benefits specialist for more information.

Can I transfer priority points, tickets, or parking?
Tickets can be transferred and the JAF would be pleased to discuss this process with you. Unfortunately, priority points and parking cannot be transferred, as these benefits are uniquely associated with each individual donor.

How would I improve my Priority Ranking?
Because Priority Ranking is based first on your Annual Giving Level, you should first consider increasing your level of support to the next membership level (for example, from Team to Coach). If you are unable to move to the next level, you can improve your priority point ranking within your current membership level as well. This is done by making a gift above and beyond any required season ticket contributions. You should also consider adding season tickets for all five ticketed sports. Please contact a JAF representative to discuss the best strategy to improve your Priority Ranking.

Do I have to make a donation every year?
To be considered an active member of JAF you will need to make a tax-deductible contribution every year between Oct 1 and Sept 30. Gifts can be made at any point throughout the year and can be given to the JAF Priority Fund or directed to the sport or designation of your choice.

If you should have any further questions, please contact:

Jeff Cummings
Associate Athletics Director - Development